Ontario Trails

Ontario is a pretty big province. I’m guessing you already knew that.

What you may not know is that it is absolutely jam-packed with great mountain biking. It is pretty likely that there are trails nearby no matter where you find yourself.

I’ve tried to ride it all in one summer and almost made it! In any case, this great province has options for smooth & flowy, rocky & technical, and full-on downhill riding. I’m hoping my guide helps you find what you’re looking for. Note, I include a bit of Quebec in the Ontario guide. The Gatineau stuff is just too good to omit. Besides, I’m secretly planning a peaceful take-over.

  • Buckwallow Trails

    Buck wallow is better maintained than most nurseries - I swear I’ve seen Mike (the owner) cleaning the trails with a leaf blower! Even the outhouse is sparkling!
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